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We understand that after an InRadius Systems application or software is developed, it becomes an essential part of our customer's business. We know that our applications must remain functional and be able to adapt to changing business needs. We therefore guarantee that our products will be properly maintained and that we will solve problems as quickly as possible.

Product Support

Product support includes warranty, development resource support, and customer support.

  • Our warranty addresses concerns regarding product quality and intends to make business easier for our customers. The warranty covers:
    • Customer support (as specified in the software development agreement)
    • Free removal of product defects
  • Development resource support: InRadius Systems technical staff are here to help you. We pledge that our staff has the knowledge and the skills to implement modifications to your software system quickly and efficiently. The price of system modification may be charged at a fixed rate or may vary depending on the time needed and the materials used for our work
  • Customer support ensures that your questions are answered as promptly and as thoroughly as possible.
  • Depending on how critical our response time is for your business,Developer resource support and customer support can be restricted to specific dates or be made available 24/7.

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